Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#CowboyRomance #Promo - Send Us Your #Book

Do you have a cowboy/western romance book out? Have you recently read one you've enjoyed? Tell us about it and we'll feature it.

The rules:

1) Authors: Send us your book cover and blurb as well as an excerpt and buy links. We'll get it featured for you.

2) Bloggers: Send us a cover, blurb, your book review (you must give us permission to use your review) and your link. We'll get it featured.

These can be old or new books.

Also, we'd love to help you launch your release as well. Let us know.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Be a Part of Our Monthly #Giveaway

Since we're new, we're looking for donations for giveaways. We'd love to do one weekend giveaway each month (maybe one day we'll be big enough to do bi-monthly or even weekly). It would begin Friday and the winner would be announced on Monday.

Entries and winner would be through rafflecopter. You would be contacted with winner details - prize delivery would be up to you for your donated item.

Anyone contributing to that month's prize package would get an entry spot on the rafflecopter. We do reserve the right to "bump" your donation to a future giveaway if our current one is too full. You would be informed of this, as well as of the date you would be in the rafflecopter.

Items contributed can be most anything (virtual or physical) with one catch - we will only allow ONE item in each giveaway to be non-cowboy related (excludes gift cards and such - meaning only one book, ebook, swag item, and so on can be non-cowboy).

You may participate in more than one giveaway - you can donate to every one we have if you wish. You may also change up the links used. If you contribute 10 times, beginning with donation 11, you will get TWO links on the rafflecopter.

Want more information or to donate? Email Kahleena.MacCarthy@gmail.com

NEW CONTRIBUTOR OP - at Spurs With Bling #Cowboy

All cowboys, all the time
Looking for guest reviewers to post reviews
Looking for those with cowboy books published and upcoming to post promos and excerpts of their books
Looking for blog content contributors.
Details? Well, that would be at me for now. Drop me a note: KahleenaMacCarthy@gmail.com

A little more information -

^Spurs With Bling is also looking for one or two people that have time to actively run a twitter account for Spurs With Bling (I will be helping as an extra person, but I can't do it full time right now).
^Blog layout creator.  Spurs With Bling uses Blogger.com and would love to have a personalized layout.
^Graphic Designer. Spurs With Bling would like to have a go to person for graphic creations. This would include, but is not limited to: contributor badges, facebook banner and badge, site banners and sharing promo items, etc
^Spurs With Bling is looking for one or two people to run a Facebook page (again, I'll help, but can't dedicate full time).
^Spurs With Bling would also love to have a secondary coordinator. This person would help with promotion, gaining contributors, making sure posting dates are kept, and help with hops and giveaway development.

Again, if you think you may fit for any, drop me a message at Kahleena.MacCarthy@gmail.com

NOTE - If you don't like historical cowboys, contemporary cowboys, or both - this is not the blog you'll be looking to join.